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Via Cannuccia,
Pineto – Italy

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Wedding Italy Services

Servizi Wedding Italy

Telling a wedding

There are numerous possibilities to tell a wedding but the most “true” and “sincere” one is the marriage reportage.

It is a matter of documenting the day and its emotions in the most natural and spontaneous way possible, without acting and modifying the scene in an intrusive way.

All this always in a light, friendly, polite and discreet atmosphere.

The classic shots with relatives and witnesses will always be present but the final result will be absolutely based on the truth, on the spontaneity of the moments.

Location Consulting

The most exclusive and reserved locations in the Italian and international scene. For a fairytale wedding.


Production of about 2000/3000 photos, delivery of about 600/700 photos selected by me.

Pre Wedding

Not only the big day, but also the small moments, the emotions, the breaths the vibrations in the air.

Post Production

Post-production and careful selection of the photos taken. In all, more than 250 images are released.

Film Wedding

Evocative and emotional videos, the event of life with quality up to 4K in cinema mode. Also with drone for shooting from above.

Photo Album

Customization. Professional photo paper and cover in eco-leather, leather, fabrics, metals …

Wedding film

Do you want to work with me on your Wedding Story?

I would be honored to be able to celebrate your event through photography.